Fietsen door roermond in de herfst

6 Tipsfor your bike ride through Limburg

Tips for your bicycle tour in the heart of Limburg

The heart of Limburg is perhaps one of the most beautiful regions of our country. The landscape is very varied with rolling hills, vast plains, moors and meandering streams. But also with picturesque villages, cultural-historical objects. It is also close to the border with Germany and Belgium. By bike or scooter you can go in all directions. We give you 6 cycling tips to enjoy your bike ride even more!

Tip 1: Prepare well

Choose a nice day for your bike or scooter trip and make sure your bike is in good condition. Furthermore, take as little as possible with you. Necessary are rainwear, sunscreen, money, cell phone, water, possibly provisions for a picnic and a bag to collect your garbage.  Also consider a bicycle pump and tire repair kit in case you unexpectedly break down along the way.

Tip 2. Narrow paths and ferries

Your two-wheeler takes you to different places than the car. Explore nature via narrow paths, stop at the many small chapels and crosses and cycle past centuries-old farms, castles and natural monuments. Sometimes you have to take a ferry to the other side of the river or stream. Plan your route in advance and find out where these ferries are and whether they are in operation.

Tip 3: Bike junctions

Tip 3 of our 6 cycling tips: make use of bicycle junctions. In the Netherlands, there are numerous bicycle junctions: route posts with numbers on them that allow you to put together different routes, or follow existing routes. These nodes connect to the Belgian and German networks. So if you ride briskly, you can enjoy both Limburg flan and a Belgian beer and German Bratwurst in one day!

Tip 4: Good locks

Of course you don't want your expensive scooter or bike to be stolen. Therefore, make sure you have two good locks per two-wheeler. For your bicycle, you should preferably choose approved locks with ART-2 certification. For your scooter, ART-3 or ART-4 is safer.

Tip 5: Safety

The best part of going out is coming home, preferably in one piece of course. That's why you should always keep an eye on safety. Pay attention in traffic, make sure you have perfectly maintained two-wheelers and -for scooter riders- a good helmet. Whether you go for a jet helmet, a full-face helmet or a system helmet, there are two points of interest: a good fit and the helmet must be undamaged and the right size. For more safe helmets, visit

Tip 6: Enjoy

Don't make your trip too long, so you have plenty of time along the way to see and enjoy the surroundings. As mentioned, the heart of Limburg is diverse. So take the time to occasionally dismount and enjoy the moment and the place.