Cultural activities: riding in an old train of the Miljoenenlijn

Top 6 Cultural Activities

That a trip can be both fun and educational is proven by the many cultural activities in the Heart of Limburg. During a visit to one of the many museums and authentic monuments that are (sometimes) open, you will learn everything about the history of Limburg. We have listed a few tips for fun cultural activities for you below. Informative, interesting and above all lots of fun.

1. The Miljoenenlijn

Board the Miljoenenlijn steam and diesel train for an unforgettable ride! Get carried away by the enchanting landscape, visit the special events and take a nostalgic trip back in time. Brasserie Perron 4 is located in the monumental visitation hall of Simpelveld station, a unique station restaurant with a burgundian menu. Enjoy the beautiful view in the brasserie and on the spacious terrace, where on weekdays the steam train literally stops in front of the door, and taste the nostalgia of the twenties of the last century.

One of the stops of the Million Line

2. Open air museum Eynderhoof

Eynderhoof is located in the beautiful Peel area and is a cultural activity par excellence. If you want to know how people lived, worked, resided and played in the Peel around 1900, you can find out at the Eynderhoof open-air museum. More than 350 volunteers form the heart of the museum in Nederweert-Eind. Playing, eating, drinking, tinkering, discovering, experiencing and admiring. That's what the Limburg Open Air Museum Eynderhoof is all about.

Bicycle against a fence at Limburgs Open-Air Museum Eynderhoof

3. Missiemuseum Steyl

Go on a journey of discovery to times long past in the Mission Museum Steyl. The clocks in the museum have not been ticking since 1934 and as soon as you set foot in the museum, you walk back in time. The astonishing collection of the Mission Museum Steyl includes items from all over the world and one of the highlights is the stuffed, world-famous Steyler Bear. This unique collection was formed by the sending of missionaries who did missionary work in distant countries.

Woman looks amazed at the collection of the Mission Museum in Steyl

4. Archeo Route Limburg

With the Archeo Route Limburg app, you can discover the stories behind Limburg's history and archaeology. At the site you stand face to face with a virtual archaeologist. He shows you what happened at this location in the past. With the help of video, augmented reality (AR) and 3D techniques, you will experience the past in a modern, virtual and unique way. Also discover which archaeological objects are connected to these historical places.

Experience stories of archaeological finds with the Archeo Route Limburg app

5. Maas Binnenvaartmuseum

Far away from all the world's seas or large industrial cities, lies the largest inland port in the Netherlands. Maasbracht has a rich history with the Maas river and inland shipping. As the largest inland port in the Netherlands, Maasbracht can rightly call itself the centre of inland shipping. The Maas Binnenvaartmuseum exhibits a rich history of stories and memories of inland shipping in Maasbracht. It is also particularly fun to sail in the simulator yourself. Especially if it turns out that it is not that easy. That goes for young and old!

The simulator of the Maas Binnenvaartmuseum

6. Museum Peel en Maas

Museum Peel en Maas in Helden offers a nice trip for the whole family! From the Romans and the Second World War, to the more recent life in the 1950s. At Museum Peel en Maas in Helden, you can experience the history of the region! From the hunter-gatherers, the Celts and the Romans to the Second World War and the earthquake of 1992. There is an exciting treasure hunt for children! The highlight is the recreation of the 1992 earthquake. You will be shaken to your core, if you dare...

The knight of Museum Peel and Maas attracts many visitors