Kermis Weert 2023

22 Sep 2023
27 Sep 2023
Kermis Weert
Kermis Weert
Kermis Weert


22 to 27 September it's time again for the kermis is Weert! The most enjoyable fair of the year.

Biggest funfair in Limburg

Kermis Weert is one of the largest fairs in the Netherlands and the largest in Limburg. The event spans 7 squares and has no fewer than 130 attractions. Besides the huge range of attractions, the fairground in Weert is also very affordable. It is not only a place for entertainment and excitement, but also for entertainment, performances and conviviality on the terraces. So, Kermis Weert offers great, affordable and fun experiences!

Low-incentive carnival 

So that everyone can enjoy Kermis Weert, a low-incentive fair has been organised one afternoon for a few years now. Stimuli are taken into account this afternoon, this means no loud music is played and no bright lights are flashed around.

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Kermis Weert 2023

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