Solar Weekend Festival 2023

03 Aug 2023
06 Aug 2023
Solar Weekend Festival

Music festival

Solar Weekend Festival, also known as one of the most creative festivals in the Netherlands, has announced a new edition. The new edition will take place on August 3, 4, 5, and 6, 2023. Read below for more information about the festival.


Theme? Yes, theme! Solar is built annually by hundreds of creatives who are challenged with a theme. This year's theme is WILD LIFE! How Solar will turn out in August? It's still a mystery. And it happens in the moment. In the two weeks before the festival. Will we walk around in a reptile house? Visit a butterfly garden? Will we go from an enchanting underwater world to an extensive savannah? It's up to the creatives. Anything is possible!

But not only the creatives are challenged. Also you, our visitors! How wild will you go? Four days and four nights long, until the end? Are you looking for hardcore partying or do you play like a monkey? Trip out in Solars Safari, tiger until you drop, or fly out like a real paradise bird. Again. Anything is possible, anything goes. Also for you! It's a Wild Life!

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Solar Weekend Festival 2023

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