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24 hours in the heart of Limburg

24 hours in Limburg

Staying in Limburg for one day? Discover cute boutiques, hike through a national park and enjoy delicious Limburg delicacies. Read on and discover the ultimate daytrip in Limburg. 

Hiking through nature and past shop windows

09:00 Morning hike

A really good start to the day? You can do that with a morning hike. Get some fresh air in one of the many nature reserves. In the Heart of Limburg, among others, you will find five unique nature reserves that you must see. We call these five areas the Big Five of Limburg. Walk along the river Meuse through Rivierpark Maasvallei. Walk across the wooden paths in National Park de Groote Peel. Or enjoy stunning views from the watchtower in National Park De Meinweg. Curious about the other two areas?

The Big Five

12:30 Lunchtime

After a brisk morning hike, it's time to recharge your battery. In Limburg, you can find many nice and cosy lunch spots. While enjoying a nice cup of coffee or fresh ginger tea, you are still reminiscing about all the beauty you saw this morning. Will you go for the soup of the day or opt for a filled sandwich? 

Lunchrooms in Limburg

14:00 Shopping

Did you know you can shop well in Limburg? At the Designer Outlet Roermond, you'll find more than 185 top international brands. But don't skip Roermond's historic city centre either. Here you will find unique boutiques. Weert, Panningen and Venray also have a wide range of nice shops and boutiques. In Weert, you can shop indoors in De Muntpassage. In Venray, there is a weekly market every Monday where you can buy fresh fruit and vegetables. And in Panningen, you will find everything you need in the cosy and compact city centre. 

18:00 Culinary delights

The evening has arrived. Time for a delicious dinner. Do you prefer a restaurant with a Michelin star, a cosy lunchroom or a restaurant with a view of the river Meuse? The choice is vast. But we have made it simple. Browse the restaurants and choose your preferred location. This gives you a quick overview of the restaurants in the area.