Vrouw en man kijken op de nieuwe fietskaart bij het Maaskunstwerk in Venray

72 hours in the Heart of Limburg

72 hours in Limburg

Want to get away for a few days? Then come to Limburg. There is plenty to see and experience in this beautiful part of the Netherlands. Discover the most beautiful spots in Limburg here.

Day 1: discover the Maasplassen

09:00 Explore the surroundings

What's the first thing you do when you arrive at your holiday address? Check in and explore the surroundings. As check-in times are not until later in the afternoon, this is a great opportunity to explore the area. There is plenty to see and experience in the 9 municipalities that make up the Heart of Limburg. From castles and ruins to breathtaking nature, from cosy shopping streets to beautiful expositions and exhibitions.

12:30 Lunchtime

All that exploring makes you hungry. Whether you want tasty soup, sandwiches or a delicious omelet, there are plenty of lunchrooms in the area to enjoy a sumptuous meal. After coffee or tea, it's time to hit the road again because there is still so much to do!  

Will you go for the soup of the day or opt for a filled sandwich prepared with fresh local produce? 

Lunchrooms in Limburg

14:00 Out on the water

You wouldn't expect it, but the Central-Limburg is home to the largest continuous water sports area in the Netherlands. Ideal for practising various water sports or renting a boat or a sloop. Go sailing, throw out the anchor and enjoy the watery surroundings!

The Maasplassen 

18:00 Dinner and evening out

Time to get ready for an evening out. First of all, you'll have a culinary bite to eat, of course. Because you have earned that after such a busy day. After dinner, you can choose between different activities. Catch a film at the cinema or visit a theatre performance. Or just have a drink in one of the many cosy bars and pubs that can be found here.

Night out in Limburg

23:00 Bedtime

After an exhilarating first day in Limburg, it's time to close your eyes and recharge your batteries for the days ahead. Are you a camper or would you rather go for a hotel, B&B or a cottage at a holiday park? Or maybe you want to spend the night in a very special place like a yurt or a camping raft. It's all possible here in Limburg. Even sleep in a real castle!

Overnight stays

Het kampeervlot van Treibgut op de Maasplassen in Limburg

Discover The Maasplassen

Day 2: go on safari!

08:00 Walk through a unique terraced landscape

Today is an early rise as it promises to be a full day. After breakfast, it's time to explore Limburg's Big Five. The Big Five are five special nature reserves in the region. For example, go for a walk along the beautiful stream valleys of the Leudal nature reserve or explore the unique nature on the banks of the river Meuse in Rivierpark Maasvallei. Each area is unique and definitely worth exploring. 

The Big Five

13:00 Picknicking

Bring a packed lunch and enjoy a delicious picnic in one of the Big Five. In the nature reserves you will find many great lunch spots!

14:30 Shopping

Shopping should definitely be high on your list when visiting the Heart of Limburg! With the Designer Outlet Roermond as its vibrant centre, this is a true Valhalla for the shopper. Not only Roermond offers excellent shopping, but also Weert, Venray and the municipality of Peel en Maas are perfect for you. And how do you end a successful shopping afternoon? Exactly, with a delicious bite to eat!

Shopping in Limburg

20:30 Watch the Dragon Festival in Beesel 

After dinner, it's time for a fun event. Whatever season you're visiting Limburg, there are always fun events and activities. In August 2023, for instance, you can enjoy the Draaksteken, a dragon festival, in Beesel. A unique event organised once every seven years. The Dragon Festival 'Draaksteken' is an open-air performance in which the entire village of Beesel participates. You definitely don't want to miss this! In addition to the Draaksteken, there are numerous festivals, theatre performances, concerts, expositions, exhibitions and much more that you can visit throughout the year. 

Events in Limburg

11 Aug
openluchttheater Draaksteken in Beesel

Draaksteken 2023 in Beesel

07 Jun
Verse groenten op de weekmarkt Panningen

Weekmarkt Panningen

05 Jun
Mural die te zien is tijdens de street art wandeling in Weert

Street art walk Weert

Day 3: fun activities when it rains

09:00 Breakfast and an indoor activity

After yesterday's busy day, the alarm clock rings a little later today. First of all, you take your time for a sumptuous breakfast before heading off for a fun indoor activity. Here, as in the rest of the Netherlands, it is not always bright summer weather. But not to worry, even when it rains there is plenty to do here. For example, go for a swim in one of the (subtropical) indoor pools that can be found here or compete with each other in a game of bowling or try to escape from an escaperoom. 

Activities when it rains

14:00 Going out by bike

By now the sun has started shining again and it has become a great afternoon for going out by bike. The Heart of Limburg is ideal for exploring by bike. An excellent network of junctions makes it very easy to put together your own cycling route based on the places you would like to see. You can also choose from one of the many beautiful cycling routes we have already put together for you. Stop for dinner at one of the restaurants you encounter along the way.

Cycling in Limburg

20:30 Having a drink on the last evening

The last evening is best ended on a terrace with a delicious drink. Look back on your few days in Limburg with satisfaction. Do you opt for a terrace by the water or for the cosiness of a lively nightlife street, which can be found in abundance in the Heart of Limburg.

Terraces in Limburg