Kanoënin Limburg

Feel like canoeing in Limburg? See in the overview below where you can rent a canoe. Discover the beautiful nature on the water and enjoy the peace and quiet. Together or alone. It's all possible.


Rent a canoe

Feel like going on the water? Rent a canoe in Limburg and enjoy the beautiful nature. Go canoeing with a group or just the two of you. Or challenge yourself and go it alone. The possibilities are endless.

In the overview above you can see where you can easily and quickly rent a canoe in Limburg. 

Canoeing in Limburg

Are you going to canoe in Limburg? Then you can go on the Maas or Maasplassen. The Maasplassen consist of several large and small lakes. This is the largest contiguous water sports area in the Netherlands! 

But there are plenty of other places in Limburg where you can enjoy canoeing. For example, you can also enjoy floating on the Groote Molenbeek in Venray and on the Roer River in the municipalities of Roerdalen and Roermond.