Biketour: Natural Stramproy

Length: 24,2 km. Enjoy the wooded surroundings of Stramproy with various asparagus fields in the open fields between the woods.

This route starts at intersection 86 and heads west to intersection 85. Via intersection 87 and 89 you cycle through the Stramproyse Heide.

Via intersection 90 and 91 you pass through the centre of Stramproy. Via intersection 25, 26 and 93 you go in the direction of Tungelroy.
At intersection 93 you cycle over the famous Tungelroyse beek, which starts in Belgium and flows into the Maas.

Via the centre of Tungelroy, direction intersection 83, you pass the Korenmolen St. Anna. Other mills along the route are: the Broekmolen (watermill), Molen de Nijverheid Stramproy and the Sint Jan standerdmolen, dating from 1785. If you follow  intersection 86 you'll get back to the starting point.

Route: 20-25 km.
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Natuurlijk Stramproy
6006 RX