Car and motorbike route Leudal

Length: 87 km.
This car and motorbike route takes you through Leudal, the largest municipality of Central Limburg in terms of surface area.

It is a route that forms a nice variation between the varied landscapes and the many villages in the municipality. Along the way you will enjoy beautiful cultural and religious buildings.

The route description starts in Heythuysen, the largest town within the municipality. Here you will pass through the beautiful shopping street. Along the way you will pass several windmills, both wind and water mills. You will also see several beautiful castles along the route. Not only does each village have its own unique church, but you will also find a great diversity of chapels at many places along the route. Some of them are certainly worth a look inside. Also pay attention to the different variations in road crossings along the way.
There are also a number of brooks in the municipality that you will pass several times along the way.
In Neer you come close to the Meuse and have a great view over the Meuse and part of the Maasplassen. The Wessem-Nederweert canal will also be on your path along the route.

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Contact and location

VVV Roermond
Markt 17
6041 EL