Car and motorbike route Weert-South

Length: 28 km.
This car and motorbike route runs through the southern part of the greenest region of the world in 2015. It is a varied route that takes you through all the southern church villages of Weert.

The buildings are connected to a lot of green, both woods and open fields. Along the way you will pass several beautiful windmills, which are common in this area.

The route leads through the nature reserves De IJzeren Man, the Wijffelterbroek, the Tungelerwallenen and the Krang. The route takes you through the church villages of Altweerterheide, Stramproy, Tungelroy and Swartbroek and the hamlets of De Berg and Castert. You will also pass various road crosses, chapels and windmills. You can also stop at the war cemetery in Swartbroek or Tungelroy. Just past De IJzeren Man you pass lock 16 in the Zuid-Willemsvaart. Between Stramproy and Tungelroy you cross the Tungelroyse Brook. Here is a replica of a Roman bridge. At De IJzeren Man you will find, among other things, the Bezoekerscentrum IJzeren Man, the centre for nature and environmental education.

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Contact and location

VVV Roermond
Markt 17
6041 NE