Castle Ruin Geijsteren

Kasteel Geijsteren is a ruin of a castle dating from the 13th century, located in the North Limburg village of Geijsteren.

The castle was largely rebuilt after a major fire in 1918. However, the castle was bombed by the British in 1944 to prevent the newly expelled Germans from retaking it as a lookout. The castle was completely destroyed in the process. Recently the ruins have been restored to reveal the contours of the castle. Upon entering the gatehouse, you can see how the castle used to look, thanks to the photos hanging here from before the bombing. On the side of the ruins, you can also walk through a gate through the meadow up to the Maas. This is the place where the Geijsterse beek flows into the Meuse and here you will also have a wonderful view.

Photo: Paul Poels Photography

Contact and location

Kasteelruïne Geijsteren
5862 AA


Visiting the castle ruins in Geijsteren is possible daily until 17:00.