De Heldense Bossen

De Heldense Bossen
De Heldense Bossen 4
5988 NH
De Heldense Bossen

Area of natural beauty

Between Helden, Kessel, Baarlo and Maasbree you'll find a forest named Heldense Bossen.

De Heldense Bossen

The forest area is about 1100 hectares and runs between Helden, Kessel, Maasbree and Baarlo. Various junction routes run through the area. In the woods, you can stroll along various sandy paths, but there is also an extensive network of cycle paths. In the area, you will also find the campsite of the same name: de Heldense Bossen.

Sand hills

With the many drift sand hills, the Heldense Bossen are a special piece of nature. These drifting sand hills also form a natural 'sandbox' where children can enjoy themselves all afternoon.



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