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menroute: jongen op paard

Equestrian route Leudal-Nederweert

Route 20 km. This equestrian route starts at Will's Ranch and takes you through the countryside of Nederweert.

From Will's Ranch you drive in the direction of Heibloem. You cross the Neerpeelbeek and soon find yourself in a wooded area. The route runs along the Spanish forest and Nederpeel-Grave. This route is very versatile; after the woods you continue through agricultural areas. With a view over the fields, you arrive in the neighbourhood of Nederweert. There you are at the half way point and you ride back in the direction of Heibloem. Via the forest you return to the starting point. At Will's Ranch, you can have a bite to eat in the saloon to end the day.

This route goes mainly over unpaved roads and no busy roads are passed.

Route: 20-25 km.
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Contact and location

Will's Ranch
Asbroek 10
6089 NA