(Former) Church of Peace

Christus Koning Church (better known as the Church of Peace), is a former church at Kennedyplein in Venray.

Built in 1964, the Peace Church was intended to be a church for all denominations: a meeting point where religious boundaries fade and the idea of peace is central. The church was also a conference center for international meetings where peace could be discussed. On October 25, 1964, the church building was dedicated. A meter-high peace monument was placed in the square in front of the church in 1970. When the church was completed, however, it was not used as a peace center, but primarily as a parish church. Due to declining church attendance, this building could not be maintained as a church. In 2001 a demolition permit was applied for and granted, but due to protests the demolition was postponed and Thuiszorg Noord-Limburg was able to establish its office in the former church after a renovation. The former Peace Church is now a municipal monument.

Contact and location

(Former) Church of Peace
Kennedyplein 18
5801 VH