Garden centre atSTOX Roermond

Tuincentrum bijSTOX Roermond
Sint Wirosingel 180
6042 KZ

Home and Garden

Garden centre atSTOX Roermond offers a wide and good range of garden, ambient, decorative and animal care products. We are happy to help you make your home truly 'green' inside and outdoors.

We help you to create a true home, both in and around your house.
As a loyal home, garden and animal lover, we advise and inspire you.

We solve any questions you may have. Whether it's a question about plants, your furnishings, your pet or the lawnmower, we are there for you all year round.

We do this with love and passion. By sharing our knowledge and expertise with you. So you too can become an expert and we can proudly say: your happiness starts atSTOX. And why is that? Because we believe that you are more than just "a customer". Because you deserve a place where you feel welcome.

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