GrensPark KempenBroek

Hoofdtoegangspoort: GrensPark KempenBroek bij het NMC
Geurtsvenweg 4
6006 SN

Area of natural beauty

On the border of Belgian and Dutch Limburg lies GrensPark KempenBroek. A 25,000-hectare cross-border nature reserve that is unique in its size. The area was once a hideout for a gang called "Bokkerijders" and smugglers but is now an oasis of peace and natural beauty.

The varied landscape consists of several adjoining parts such as a house with rooms. Each room has something to offer and exudes its own atmosphere: forest, swamp, hay meadow, brook valley,.... These rooms are home to many rare plants and animals.

Hikers, cyclists, horsemen, drivers and mountain bikers are more than welcome and can enjoy the landscape, nature or cultural elements at their own pace via signposted routes. We are happy to help you on your way at the various reception points. It used to be a shelter for billygoat riders and smugglers, but now it is a wonderful place to discover space and hear silence.


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