Group activity: fortune hunting in Roermond

Groepsspel: Fortuin jagen in Roermond
Oude Baan 9
6071 NP

Active group fun

During this game, everyone gets the chance to become a millionaire by carrying out fun assignments.

"Money doesn't make you happy' the saying goes. Yet this is not entirely true. Deep down, we all want to be millionaires.
The fact that most millionaires have had to work hard for this, is often forgotten. Good fortune doens't always come naturally. You will find that out during this game.
You are divided into small groups. Each group gets a starting capital. By carrying out various assignments, you try to increase your capital. The more difficult the task, the higher the profit.
The assignments vary from creative to active and spectacular.
At the end of the program, everyone gets one last chance to increase the acquired capital into an unprecedented fortune. The group with the most money is the winner and will receive a certificate.

€ 29,50 per person

Explanation of and instruction during the games

Administration fee € 16,50

Please note:
*Duration: 2½ hours
*Minimum of 12 persons
*For last-minute bookings (within 7 working days) we charge a double administration fee

For more information or reservations please contact
T: + 31 (0)475 330289