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Klimhal Roermond e.o : Clip n Climb Niederrhein

Welcome to Clip'n Climb Niederrhein ... the new climbing hall for all ages from 4 years. The many different climbing elements "Challenges" guarantee active, healthy fun for everyone.
Climb yourself and your friends on the SpeedClimb or face-to-face, reach dizzyin...
Climb yourself and your friends on the SpeedClimb or face-to-face, reach dizzying heights on Cloud 9, take to the heights of Stairway-to-heaven or dare to jump on the punching bag. These are just a few of the challenges in the Clip n Climb Niederrhein. On our 30 walls, the free fall slide and diving board, there are challenges for all levels.

In addition to healthy fun, climbing is ideal for promoting confidence, balance and stamina. That is why a visit to us is especially suitable for families, but also for school and youth groups. We also offer ideal conditions for team building - both for business and sports.

The special feature: In Clip 'n Climb you use a fully automatic safety system that automatically rolls up the rope while climbing and gently returns you to the ground. For you, this means you don't need a second person to back up and you can start climbing right away.

The climb takes 90 minutes (incl. 30 min safety briefing).

According to the current situation of the reservation, you can extend your climbing time if necessary on the spot. We charge EUR 4.00 per half hour for this.

EUR 15.00; Adult
EUR 13.00; Youth 12-17 years
EUR 12.00; Children 4-11 years

Prices for groups from 10 persons:
EUR 14.00; Adult
EUR 12.00; Youth 12-17 years
EUR 11.00; Children 4-11 years

The Clip n Climb arena can accommodate up to 50 people. Our catering for more than 100 guests.
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Klimhal Roermond e.o : Clip n Climb Niederrhein
Ransberg 31
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We -Fr : 14:45 - 19:00 hour,
Sa : 10:15 - 19:00 hour,
Su: 10:15 - 18:00 hour.