Biketour: Kruis- en Moeselpeel

Length: 36 km. Surface: paved and unpaved roads. Type of route: peat bogs, forests and moorlands.

Around Weert formerly were divers little peat marshes, named Peelen. Over time they have disappeared. In the past the area  south of Weert consisted out of forests, moorlands, swamps and dust sands. In the Middle Ages they started with the exploitation of  these rough soils.

Too much grazing  caused dust dunes again. After 1850 these soils were exploited again. The cycle route leads around the ‘Altweerterheide’, once an inaccessible region. On the way you cycle along two ‘Peelen’:  the Kruispeel and Moeselpeel. 

Route: 25-35 km.
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Contact and location

Kruis- en Moeselpeel route
Startlocatie: Voorhoeveweg 2
6006 SV