Limburgs Museum in Venlo

Limburgs Museum is the museum for culture and history in Limburg.

The Limburgs Museum

The Limburgs Museum is one of the most popular family outings in the Netherlands. Experience the history and culture of Limburg. From Neanderthals to knights, from Romans to miners. Travel through time!

There are always stimulating temporary exhibitions for young and old on various subjects. The large, interactive exhibition about the work of children's book author Paul van Loon, known among other things from Dolfje Weerwolfje, was very popular. And in 2019, the retrospective of artist Evert Thielen, known for his gigantic polyptychs, attracted more than 100,000 visitors.

Special location

The museum is located on a spot where the city walls and fortifications of the City of Venlo were located over centuries. After they were demolished in 1870, the site was used as a marshalling yard for private railway companies, which maintained an important international link via Venlo. The oldest remaining filling station can also be found beside the station. This Esso filling station was built in 1933 and, since the seventies, has offered a roof for various institutions and companies. The history of the site was an important source of inspiration for the architect Jeanne Dekkers in the creation of her design for the museum.


The museum is located in the centre of Venlo, directly opposite the railway station, Limburgs Museum is easily accessible. You are welcome from Tuesday to Sunday, between 11:00 and 17:00.  You can also visit the Museumcafé

Visit the website of the Limburgs Museum for more information.

Contact and location

Limburgs Museum in Venlo
5911 BX


Tu -Su: 11:00 - 17:00 hour.