Lucky spot 14 Roerdalen: The kingdom of Elves

For centuries, the inhabitants used the Rolvennen as communal property. To herd cattle, cut trees, cut peat and mow heather.

This is how this varied landscape came into being.
Nowadays, it is mainly fortune seekers from far and wide who find (a horizon of) peace here.

When the heather is in bloom, you walk through a sea of purple beauty and the singing crickets give you a holiday feeling.


You will find the Rolvennen when you leave the car park at the level crossing and follow junctions 64, 61 and 67 and then junction 66. Between junction 67 and 66 you will find the Rolvennen. If you walk from junction 66 in the direction of junctions 65, 61 and 64, you will return to the car park. The complete route is then 5 kilometres.

Small fortune in Roerdalen

Every 'Geluksplek' (lucky spot) in Roerdalen is a good starting point to work on your own luck. At every location, the tips for happiness challenge you to get to work in a unique way. A booklet is available with all the Lucky spots, a map and all the background information about them. You can order it from our webshop.

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Contact and location

Geluksplek 14 Roerdalen: Het Rijk van de Elfen
6075 NA