Lucky spot 20 Roerdalen: The Wind rose of the Castle

Daelenbroeck Castle was originally a residential and hunting lodge dating from the 14th century.

It consists of an impressive castle avenue, an original Voorburcht, Hoofdburcht and a castle farm. During the Eighty Years' War, the castle was besieged in 1598.  Afterwards, it fell into disrepair. Now it is back in full glory. A delegation from Bhutan, the country of Gross National Happiness, even came to visit.

You can feel the history and think you can see noblemen and damsels walking there.


You will find Kasteel Daelenbroeck at Kasteellaan 2 in Herkenbosch.

Small fortunes in Roerdalen

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Contact and location

Geluksplek 20 Roerdalen: De Windroos van het Kasteel
Kasteellaan 2
6075 EZ