Lucky spot 22 Roerdalen: the Lucky pillars of the bicycle bridge

The bicycle bridge is literally the centre of Roerdalen.

Dutch young people are the happiest in the world. The bicycle is a good symbol of this.
Nowhere in the world are there so many cycling young people as in the Netherlands. High 'self-steering ability' is a basic condition for happiness. It is based on three pillars: autonomy, competence and connectedness.
This is the ideal place to reflect on these pillars of happiness.

Look at the current, the water level and the colour of the Roer.

The cycle bridge is located between Paarlo and Melick. When you start the cycle tour from the car park at Oetsjpanning De Meuleberg, you follow the cycle junction network in the direction of junctions 67 and 73. The cycle bridge is located between these junctions. Via junctions 72-71-77 and 76 you return to your starting point. The length of this cycle route is approximately 14 km.

Small fortune in Roerdalen

Every 'Geluksplek' (lucky spot) in Roerdalen is a good starting point to work on your own luck. At every location, the tips for happiness challenge you to get to work in a unique way. A booklet is available with all the Lucky spots, a map and all the background information about them. You can order it from our webshop.

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Contact and location

Geluksplek 22 Roerdalen: de Gelukspijlers van de Fietsbrug
Melicker Oheweg
6074 ES