Nature walk: Barrage route Baarlo

Barrage route Baarlo:
5991 AT

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Length: 6.9 km. The route starts on the Markt at junction 65, then successively the junctions: 69, 48, 98, 3, 99, 92, 93, 43, 42, 95, 48, 69, 65

The Markt lies on the edge of the Maas valley, where the old winter bed of the Maas ends. Down on the clay, the landscape is rich in small springs, which come from rainwater from the higher, sandy grounds. One of these is the source for De Sprunk washing place. A watermill is also located near De Sprunk. It is still regularly put into operation. In Baarlo, there are no less than 4 castles; you will pass by Castle D'Erp (privately inhabited); furthermore, the many works of art, e.g. by Tajiri, are worth mentioning.

The route continues along De Koelen, a widening of the Bosbeek, then through meadows and along the Boshoekerloop (can be swampy) towards the weir complex.

The Maas is a rain river, which used to be dry sometimes. Now the weir regulates the minimum level. At high water, the Meuse is not navigable and the swirling water flows over the closed weir doors. At the weir, on a small hill, you will find an information board explaining its workings. The route heads back towards Baarlo along the dike. In Parkbos 't Kempke there are various types of trees.

Horeca on the route at Brasserie Hofackers and Centraal Baarlo.

Route: 5-10 km.
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