Nature Walk Kessel-Eik

5995 NL
Musschenberg kessel eik maasoever
Brug Musschenberg Kessel-eik
Musschenberg kessel-eik afwatering

Walking/hiking routes

Length: 11.6 km. The starting point of this route is junction 99: Kruising Waterweideweg /Karreweg-Noord. You can also choose to park the car on the Mariaplein. From here you can walk towards nodes 4 and 99. You will encounter agricultural land but also many woody/marshy surroundings.

Walking in Kessel-Eik

During this walk, you will get to know the smallest village in the municipality of Peel en Maas and discover the surprising beauty of the agricultural environment in this area. Besides fields and meadows, you will also encounter woody areas during this walk.

Bovensbos and Musschenberg

This route starts at junction 99: 'Kruising Waterweideweg /Karreweg-Noord' with agricultural land but also through a beautiful wooded/marsh area. Along the bank of the river Maas you pass the Musschenberg. This is a high sand ridge at the Meuse river. From here you have a fine view over the river. The Musschenberg thanks its name to the many birds (musschen) that hide in the trees here. 


Route: 10-20 km.
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