Nature Walk Vlakbroek Koningslust

Poorterweg 52
5984 NP
rhinanthus angustifolius

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Length: 4.1 kilometres. This junction route starts at the church in Koningslust. From the church you walk in the direction of the Vlakbroek nature reserve.

Het Vlakbroek

The Vlakbroek nature reserve covers approximately 35 hectares and is located between Koningslust and Panningen. The area is mainly known for the Large Rattle. This plant, with its characteristic yellow flowers, occurs naturally in moist grasslands. The old and the new Everlose Beek flow through Vlakbroek. The latter is connected to the Noordervaart canal. Vlakbroek is a popular area for various birds and butterflies.

Vlakbroek Wanderroute Koningslust

This route takes you past meadows and fields into real nature. Here you are away from all the cars and cyclists. Along the route, you will find various information boards about the area you are walking through. You also pass a lovely picnic spot.

Route: <5 km.
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