Sint-Petrus Mill

The Sint-Pertus Mill is the only still functional mill in Venray! This beautiful 1856 mill was formerly better known as the Gitzels mill.

The Sint-Petrus Mill has a great history with several highs and lows. One example is a storm that blew the cap off the mill in 1940. Fortunately, the mill was restored a year later. Recently the mill has been restored. The reason for this was that the wood on the outside of the mill had deteriorated. So there was a danger that the beams would come down. The mill is looked after with a lot of love. This is rewarded with a place in the top 3 of the best maintained private windmills in the Netherlands. If you would like to visit the mill, you can. The Sint Petrus Molen is privately owned and you can visit it when it is running.

Contact and location

Sint-Petrus Mill
Sportlaan 10