Sint-Willibrordus chapel

In the middle of the beautiful Geijsteren Estate is the old Saint-Willebrord Chapel. This chapel was built around the 16th century in Gothic style and is dedicated to St. Willebrordus.

The chapel dates from the 16th century and was restored in 1641 by order of Adam Schellart van Obbendorp and Aleida van Wittenhorst. In 1970, the chapel was also repaired once more. In 1896, an open prayer hall was added to the chapel. A few years later, in 1968, the chapel was restored. Besides the beautiful chapel, there is something else special about this place there is namely the Saint Willibrordsput, known as the holy well. Legend has it that Saint Willibrord preached and baptized at this original place of sacrifice and meeting. Discover a piece of history at this unique location!

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Sint-Willibrordus kapel
Sint Wilbertsweg


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