Terrace IJssalon Clevers Overloon

Terras Venray e.o.: IJssalon Clevers Overloon
Venrayseweg 5
5825 AA
IJscoupes op de counter van Clevers Overloon
Afhaalpunt IJssalon Clevers
IJscoupes van Clevers Overloon
Clevers Overloon buitenaanzicht


Ice cream parlor Clevers serves delicious ice cream, from the hand of multiple Dutch champion Master Ice Cream Maker Clevers.

More than 75 different ice cream creations, one even tastier than the other, are presented by the friendly Clevers team in the ice cream parlors in Grubbenvorst, Arcen, Plasmolen and Overloon.
Every day, many regional products are processed into delicious ice cream and ice cream creations, such as strawberry and blueberry. You can also visit the ice cream parlor for a cup of coffee with flan.

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