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Vliegend Paard

Vliegend Paard

"Flying Horse" was created in 1991 as part of the Helden sculpture symposium. The work is one of the typical works by Lo van der Linden, who uses wheels, plough parts and other everyday objects in his sculptures.

This assemblage of pieces of old agricultural equipment is a tribute to the artisanal farmer of the past, who worked a lot with his hands. 

At the foot of the statue is a poem by Lou Pirson: "He creates anew and retains the atmosphere of the land". 

Contact and location

Vliegend Paard
Kempstraat & Jacobusstraat
5987 AE


De afstanden genoemd in onderstaande tegels zijn de afstanden vanaf de bovenstaande locatie.

Car or motorbike route
Car or motorbike route