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Ps Aero's aircraft collection consists mainly of historic aircraft and some civilian passenger aircraft. During the tour you will get to see about 35 different aircraft and helicopters.

As part of the 1,5-hour tour, you can enjoy a film about the ins and outs of PS AERO from an airplane seat ( business-class ) while enjoying a cup of coffee/tea or soda and a cupcake. The film lasts approximately 20 minutes.

After the film, a guide will accompany you and tell you fun anecdotes about 35 historic aircraft and helicopters. You will be allowed to take a look inside several planes and cockpits.

The minimum number of participants for a tour is 10 people. Tours on Wednesday / Friday and Saturday. Please book in advance (no tours during the winter months of November, December, January and February).

Practical information

Vliegtuigmuseum PS Aero

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