VVV Stevensweert

Due to the  COVID measures of the RIVM, VVV Stevensweert is closed.
The VVV shop in Roermond is open for Click & Collect.


At the VVV Stevensweert in Limburg you will find a range of walking and cycling routes, city and theme walks and other tourist information material.In addition to these products, you can also buy local produce baskets, Limburgs Maaswater, Maaskeitjes (small stones) and numerous local/regional souvenirs and books.
Gift cards
Sale of the nationally disposable gift cards:
- VVV Gift Card
- VVV Lekkerweg Card
- VVV Dinercard
- Podium Gift Card
- National Cinema Card
- Bol.com Gift Card
- National Book Coupon
- Bongo voucher

The weekly permit of angling association De Snoek to fish on the Eiland in de Maas and the weekly permit to fish on the Maas, Maasplassen and Lateral Canal are available.

Also for  bus cards of Arriva you can go there.

Every first Sunday of the month you can take part in a themed walk led by a VVV guide including entrance to the regional museum. Guided tours for groups are available all year round. 

Wheelchair accessible

Contact and location

VVV Stevensweert
Jan van Steffeswertplein 1
6107 BZ