VVV Venray

From the 1st of February 2022, VVV Venray is located in Vivara Nature Experience Centre, Grotestraat 93 in Venray. The entire month of January 2022, VVV Venray is closed due to the move. Questions can be sent to vvvvenray@hartvanlimburg.nl.

VVV Venray offers an extensive range of cycling routes, city and town walks as well as local and regional products. Besides the general VVV range (including gift vouchers) we offer great packages, including culinary, cycling and walking routes as well as city walks with tourist guides.

We also offer a complete range including the well-known clothing line, several travel products, travel and bicycle insurances and vignettes. There is even a wide range of maps and guides for Europe and beyond available.

Contact and location

VVV Venray
Mgr. Goumansplein 1
5801 CZ