Walk through the forests of Hoogriebroek and Blekt

Length: 5.1 km. This walking route takes you through rural areas and the woods near Hoogriebroek.

Municipality of Venray consists of about 1250 hectares of forests and nature reserves. With an area of 34 hectares, the Hoogriebroekse bossen form a large part of this area. There is also a badger sett in the woods. The badgers pass under the A73 via these badger tunnels, and the animals make good use of them.

This route gives you a good impression of the woods and the nearby agricultural surroundings.

You will find junction 14 at the junction of Bremmerkamp and Zandhoek next to the lamppost.

Parking: On the corner of Bremmenkamp and Zandhoek

Route: 5-10 km.
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Walk through the woods
Bremmenkamp 2
5808 AD