Walking route: Ommetje Art Heritage and Nature in Meijel

Alexanderplein 2
5768 BE
VVV Meijel

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Length: 3 km. This walk is a varied and educational route and is fully wheelchair accessible. The walk takes you past many places of interest in Meijel: historic buildings, national monuments and other places of interest.

Former town hall
On this route, you will pass the former town hall, which now houses a catering establishment. At the back of this building there used to be a boys' school. It was designed by J. Gooden, who is the designer of several striking buildings in Meijel.

If you walk from d'n Bongerd to the Dorpsstraat, you will see the statue De Turfsteker: an image of the Meijel peasant as he used to cut his peat for his own convenience. In the past, the Dorpsstraat was an important connecting road between both sides of the Peel, situated on the Peelrand fault, from Den Bosch to Cologne. At the end of this street you will find the oldest house in Meijel. It was formerly used as a vicarage and chapelry. If you walk back to the Alexanderplein you will see the most striking building in Meijel: the Villa Truijen from 1892, of the former town clerk and alderman in Meijel.

The route is indicated differently from most routes, namely with Linjizers. This means that there are peat bowls in which the route arrow is incorporated. On these Linjizers you will also find a text that tells you something about the objects along the route. 

A special flyer of this route is also available at the VVV tourist office in Meijel.

If you like this route, follow: 30-32-16-15-24-30.


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