Nature Walk: Roggel-Leudal

Wandelroute Roggel Leudal
Markt 2
6088 BP
Leudal sign
Water mill
Leudal post

Walking/hiking routes

Length: 7.8 km. Roggel walking route. You walk through a very varied landscape with streams, forest paths and open agricultural land on the edge of the beautiful nature reserve of the Leudal.

The start of this route is at junction 35 in the center of Roggel, at the i-point Preuverie Bekkers Marie. You start from this starting point.

Roggel was first mentioned in 1230. It belonged to the Land of Horn and later to the Prince Bishopric of Liege. In 1679 it came into possession of the provosts of the Abbey of Keizerbosch as an independent seigniory. The current village character arose mainly in the 19th century, and residential areas were added after the Second World War. 

Roggel lies in the valley of the Roggelse Beek, which flows right through the core. To the south of the core this flows together with the Bevelandse Beek to form the Zelsterbeek, which is one of the streams that flows through the Leudal nature reserve.

Route: 5-10 km.
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