Peel en Maas in Limburg

Kasteel de Keverberg in Kessel, Limburg

Daytrips in the municipality of Peel en Maas

Peel en Maas is especially known for its rich culture and abundant nature. Here, you can enjoy a nice walk or a nice cycling tour. In Peel en Maas, you will find various campsites and different possibilities for a day out.

At the bottom of this page you will find some links to a number of useful pages. Here you can discover where to stay in Peel en Maas, where you can eat and drink and where the most beautiful sights are. 


Villages in Peel en Maas

In the municipality of Peel en Maas you will find a number of villages that are definitely worth a visit! For example, pay a visit to the village of Baarlo with its 4 castles. Baarlo is a picturesque village along the river Meuse. In the village of Helden, you can enjoy a nice day out in the local forest.  In Kessel, you can enjoy the historical village centre and in Panningen, you will find a nice and compact shopping centre. 

Nature in Peel en Maas

On the banks of the river Maas, you can cycle and walk along beautiful routes from village to village. From the cosy village of Meijel, you can easily reach National Park de Groote Peel.