RoermondVol  Licht

Kiosk Roermond

Experience RoermondVol Licht in the cozy center of Roermond

An atmospheric city center that shines in abundance! That is RoermondVol Licht. With light projections and video shows in various places that can be seen from dusk until late in the evening. At the XXL Selfiespots you are the shining center of attention during the dark days.

ROERMONDVOL Licht: Hotel Arrangements 

In the run-up to the holidays, Roermond is definitely a cozy destination to relax or pamper yourself. Book a RoermondVol-Licht arrangement at the various hotels to fully enjoy several days. Roermond has a wide range of special restaurants, more than 140 surprising specialty stores & boutiques. In addition, with the Hepkestour Remunj you can discover the attractive historic city center of Roermond while enjoying various snacks at different restaurants along the way.


RoermondVol licht Hotel Arrangement

Hepkestour Remunj

Since 2014 (excluding the corona period), VVV Hart van Limburg office Roermond organizes the Hepkestour Remunj in the period from November to the first week of January. This year we have chosen different routes. The Hepkestour Remunj- Roermond Squares and the Hepkestour Remunj- Culture/Adventure. During the routes you will see Roermond in a completely different way and in the meantime visit different restaurants.



Practical information

  • The routes can be followed from VVV Roermond on your phone via IZI-travel app.
  • Drinks are not included in the price. Is there an allergy or diet? Please mention this in your booking.
  • You will receive after booking an e-ticket with date, upon presentation of this e-ticket you will receive at the desk of VVV Roermond - Markt 17, your info and the vouchers. The vouchers are only valid on the reserved day.
  • Possible November 1 to January 7: Monday to Sunday from 13.00 - 17.00, except November 11, Christmas Day and New Year's Day.
  • Please note that there is a maximum number of tickets available per day.

Destination Christmas at Designer Outlet Roermond

During the magical months from November to January, Designer Outlet Roermond is the ultimate destination for shopping enthusiasts. Here you will not only find beautiful affordable outfits from more than 200 top designers, but also the most special gifts for the holidays, with extra discounts of up to 70%. As a bonus, the Designer Outlet Roermond features: free Wi-Fi and Gift Wrapping. While you enjoy yourself in one of the many restaurants, you can leave your purchases with peace of mind at the Hands-Free Shopping Service.

Designer Outlet Roermond

Also this year: XXL Selfie Spots

After the past summer and winter editions, we have the XXL selfie spots again this year. So grab your phone and take a selfie. Use the hashtag #weareroermond when doing so and you might see your own photo on the We Are Roermond social media accounts.


Winter Fever Arena

From December 1 to January 7, the bustling city center of Roermond will be transformed into a brand new and original winter festival. The historic Munsterplein, in the middle of the city, will become the Winter Fever Arena. A magical pavilion will be built above the historic kiosk. Inside, this pavilion will offer a wide range of entertainment for all visitors, such as an indoor roller skating rink and curling. The pavilion is also accessible for the disabled.

Winter Fever Arena

Ferris wheel

The popular Ferris wheel shines again this winter in the Roermond skyline. Look up high and see Roermond from a different perspective. You will find the Ferris wheel in the large courtyard of Designer Outlet Roermond.