Route planner for carsand motorbikes 

Discover the most beautiful places in Limburg

Whether you’re travelling by car or motorbike, these route planners highlight the prettiest routes through  Limburg. They are all circular routes, ensuring that you can start and finish wherever you like. There is an attractive route available for each municipality in Limburg. In addition there are 2 cross-border routes which take you into neighbouring Germany or Belgium.

Choose your favourite route for cars or motorbikes

Using your mouse, click on a red dot on the map. In the pop-up, you can then choose between opening (to reveal a complete overview of the route) or closing (chance to select a different route). Selecting ‘click here’ will reveal more information about the route.

Click on the other buttons beneath the map to show the points of interest. The red arrows along the route indicate the driving direction. Use the arrow to the bottom right to display the route planner in full-screen mode.

Most beautiful routes

Click on the tab ’Most beautiful routes’. You can then choose to display the points of interest on the map by selecting one of the buttons beneath the map (e.g. ‘Seeing and doing’) Click on a red dot of your choice. This will open a pop-up window about the route. You can zoom in to see whether any other routes start from the same point.

Click on ‘open’ to show a complete overview of the route. Click on ‘close’ to choose a different route. Now select one of the options to indicate what you want to do with your chosen route.