Sailing on the Maasplassen in Limburg

Boat on the Maas river

Discover the Meuse 

The Maasplassen in Limburg are the ideal location to sail with a (sailing) boat. You sail from one lake to another via beautiful waterways. From the water you can see the beautiful nature that was partly created by the Maas.

Sailing routes on the Maasplassen

The Maas and Maasplassen offer excellent opportunities to sail beautiful routes because of the combination of the special nature and mooring possibilities in villages and towns. Suitable for both motorboat and sailing boat.

Marinas in Limburg

Boat owners can go to one of the large or smaller marinas in Limburg. Most marinas are equipped with the most modern facilities for a pleasant stay.

Rent a boat at the Maasplassen

Even if you do not own a boat yourself, the Maasplassen are the place to be. At various companies you can rent sloops, motor boats and sailing boats, possibly in combination with a short training or sailing course. This way you can fully enjoy all the beauty that the Maasplassen has to offer.

Safe boating

Before you set sail, it is important to have a number of things in order. Is your ship in good technical order, does it get regular maintenance? Do you have everything with you, such as an up-to-date water map, suitable life jackets and communication equipment? Do you know the sailing rules, and how to act in all kinds of situations that you may encounter along the way? This requires both knowledge and skill. And above all, good seamanship. On the website of 'varen doe je samen' (Make boating enjoyable) you will find all the information you need to sail safely and enjoyably.