Routes along the cycling junctions - junction number 5 towards the cycle and foot ferry

9 beautiful summer routes along cycle junctions

Beautiful routes along cycle junctions

What could be nicer than to go out by bike in the middle of the summer? Cycle the most beautiful routes along cycle junctions in Limburg with a cool breeze through your hair. We have highlighted 9 cycling routes for you below. Would you like to cycle another beautiful route along cycle junctions? Click on 'other cycling routes'.

Create your own junction route

You can also put together your own route along cycle junctions. You can do that on our cycle route planner. Mark your route from junction to junction and create your own ideal route through villages and towns or along the water, whatever you feel like doing. There is also a handy cycle map that you can take with you on your cycle tour. On the cycling junction map North- and Central Limburg you will find all cycling junctions in Limburg.

1. Pedalling through the Maas and Swalm valleys

The cycle route along cycle junctions 'Pedalling through the Maas and Swalm valleys' takes you along beautiful views of the Maas and picturesque hamlets, partly directly along the German border.

Distance: 48 km
Starting point: de Markt Roermond, junction 83

Resting on a bench in Asselt during the cycling tour along cycle junctions

2. Lucky spots in Roerdalen

This cycle route takes you through Roerdalen, a special region in the middle of Limburg. The Roer meanders through the landscape and around you stretch pastures, fields, deciduous and coniferous forests.

Distance: 66 km
Starting point: Parking place castle ruin Montfort, between junction 7 and 8

Bicycle stands for a lucky spot in Roerdalen

3. Windmill route

The Windmill route takes in seven windmills in the municipalities of Weert and Nederweert. Together these municipalities have eight windmills, three of which are still in operation.

Distance: 36 km
Starting point: Anna Molen Keent, junction 42 in Weert

The Anna Mill Keent with a poppy in the foreground

4. The Delightful Peel Route

The Heerlijke Peelroute takes you through the beautiful Peel region and the cosy centre of Nederweert. Along the way, there is a wide choice of resting places and catering establishments.

Distance: 27 km
Starting point: junction 07 in Ospeldijk

Cyclists in the centre of Nederweert

5. Cycling route Leudal

The Leudal is a beautiful example of a stream valley in which the Zelsterbeek and the Leubeek freely find their way and have carved out a deep valley. The Leudal route takes you along streams, deciduous forests, fields and grasslands in the Leudal nature reserve.

Distance: 31,6 km
Starting point: recreation park de Leistert, junction 16

The St. Ursula mill in the Leudal nature reserve

6. Cycling route Grensmaas

The Grensmaas cycle route takes you along both banks of the Maas in Dutch and Flemish Limburg. The 1000 ha of nature is part of the cross-border Rivierpark Maasvallei, with plenty of opportunities to enjoy the wide-open Maas landscape on both the Flemish and Dutch side.

Distance: 55,5 km
Starting point: Holiday park Heelderpeel, junction 50

Riverpark Maasvallei

7. Round trip on the ferry

The cycle route 'De Heldense Bossen' takes you along the beautiful nature of this landscape that was formed by the flow of the river Meuse. During the trip along cycle junctions, you will cross the Meuse twice with the help of ferries.

Distance: 32,6 km
Starting point: camping de Heldense Bossen, junction 56

Waiting for the ferry Neer/Rijkel

8. Between Draken en Noormannen

On this 'Between Dragons and northern men' cycle tour, you cycle through the rural countryside on the east side of the Maas via the Dragon village of Beesel to the former Vikings' fortress of Asselt. 

Distance: 35 km
Starting point: car-/bicycle ferry Kessel-Beesel, junction 03

Sign Beesel Drakendorp

9. Around estate Geijsteren

The cycle route takes you along the country estate of Geijsteren. The estate of Geijsteren consists of beautiful nature areas, farms and fields. The estate is located right on the river Maas in the northernmost part of Limburg.

Distance: 21 km
Starting point: kerkpad Venray, junction 17

Bed and Breakfast in Geijsteren with cyclists in the background