Top 10 winter hikes in Limburg

Walking route post covered in snow in Kempen~Broek Border Park

Winter hikes in nature

Hat on. Scarf on. And go for a walk. Even in the winter you can take excellent walks in the Heart of Limburg. Take a lovely walk through beautiful nature and breathe in the fresh air. If you are lucky, the landscape will be covered in a thin layer of snow and you will see the tracks of wild animals.

Below, we have listed some great winter walks in Limburg for you.

1. Vredepeel forest walk

Length: 14 km
Surface: paved, unpaved roads and forest paths

The Boswandeling Vredepeel mainly goes through the vast forests on the border between Limburg and Noord-Brabant. It is a beautiful walking route, first leading through lots of forest and then through open moorland with lots of nature and beautiful views. In the forest, you might encounter some animals, such as deer and hares.

Highlanders greet you on your walk in Vredepeel

2. The Krang Orange

Length: 4.4 km
Surface: paved and unpaved roads

The Krang nature reserve used to be a marshy area. The drying up of some parts led to the formation of sand ridges, on which, among others, the village of Swartbroek was built. The area has a nice variety of fens and dry areas. In several places, you will find wooden footpaths through the beautiful nature reserve. 

Man walks with dog over club bridge over Tungelroyse Brook

3. De Meinweg - Luzenkamp route

Length: 5 km
Surface: unpaved roads and forest paths

The Luzenkamproute through National Park De Meinweg takes you through beautiful forest areas over the drift sand hills responsible for the strong relief in this part of the National Park.

Couple hiking with the dog through the snow at the observation tower

4. Walking route de Peel - Knuppelbrug-Red

Length: 3 km
Surface: paved and unpaved roads

De Peel is as Dutch as they come. Yet this area on the border of Noord-Brabant and Limburg is difficult to compare with other parts of our country. There is only one way to explore Peel and that is with hiking boots on. Although the area is still very marshy here and there, thanks to the many paths, Peel is easily accessible.

Man walks across bat bridge in National Park De Groote Peel

5. Huurvaarderspad

Length: 3.8 km
Surface: paved and unpaved roads

In the past, this path was used by hired labourers: people who transported wood across the Meuse. Nowadays, this loop around the Huurvaarderspad takes you through woods, fields and meadows. You will pass the Mortel-park, among other places, and first walk through wooded areas followed by beautiful views over the land and the Meuse.

Meuse along the Huurvaarderspad in the municipality of Beesel

6. Schwalmbruch Premium route

Length: 14.7 km
Surface: paved and unpaved roads

The Schwalmbruch route follows the Swalm on both the Dutch and German sides. Via the Groenewoud in the Netherlands, you come through the woods in the Elmpter Bruch. Beautiful views and forest alternate. The wonderful development of animal and plant life due to the restoration of an old arm of the Swalm is wonderful to see.

Schwalmbruch nature covered in a layer of snow

7. Beavers and more

Length: 6 km
Surface: paved and unpaved roads

The "Beavers and more" hiking trail takes you through the municipality of Maasgouw and along various wetlands. Everywhere you go, you will find traces of beavers that are having a great time here. But beavers are not the only attractions along the route. There is much more!

Beaver at ease eating in the water

8. Through and around the Heldense Bossen

Length: 16.7 km
Surface: paved, unpaved roads and forest paths

The route "Door en rond de Heldense Bossen" takes you through the Heldense Bossen and a small section through the Bovensbossen. You will also encounter many fields and meadows during this route. This route also takes you past fishpond the Breeërpeel, where you can enjoy the serenity. 

Snow remains on the foliage of the Helden Woods

9. Three Own (orange route)

Length: 16.7 km
Surface: paved and unpaved roads

The 'Drie Eigen' walk in the Maasvallei River Park runs in the outlying area between Thorn and Wessem. The orange route leads you through a very diverse landscape that was created by Maas and man. A rural route with beautiful views, where you also walk along the Maasplassen, among other places. The walk offers the opportunity to stop in both Thorn and Wessem.

The bridge in Thorn at sunset (Kristel Photography)

10. Many more beautiful autumn walks

Not only the walking routes through nature are worthwhile, the many other walking routes in the Heart of Limburg are also highly recommended in autumn. For instance, you can walk through historical villages and towns or past archaeological sites where you can discover the stories of the past with the help of an app. 

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Walking together through a winter wonderland