Water sportsin Limburg

In Limburg you can practice various water sports. In our region you will find the Maas and its Maasplassen a watery area. Discover all water sports possibilities on the water of Limburg here.


Water sports in Limburg

On and around the Maasplassen there is a great diversity of water sports possibilities. How about water skiing, wakeboarding or even flyboarding. There are even opportunities to water ski on a cable car. 

Diving in Limburg

There are also opportunities for divers in Limburg. Whether you are a professional diver or you are exploring the underwater world for the first time. At the Boschmolenplas every diver is welcome!

Suppen on the Maasplassen

You can also choose to explore the Maasplassen on a supboard. What exactly is suppen? Suping is the standing paddling on a board. The great thing about suppen is that anyone can learn it, it really is for young and old.