Take exit Limburg for a summer of a lifetime!

Couple at caravan during summer in Limburg

Everything for a great summer in Limburg!

You don't have to go to the south of Europe for a great summer. Ignore the route du soleil and take exit Limburg! Here you can really enjoy the summer. Walk and cycle through beautiful nature reserves. Float on the water and take a cooling dip in one of the Maasplassen during the summer holidays. Explore historical villages and cities and enjoy the wide range of shops. End the day with an ice cream or a snack and a drink by the water or dance till the late evening at one of the summer festivals in Limburg.

Enjoy the water of Limburg

Limburg is a watery area with its centre at the Maasplassen in the heart of Limburg. The Maasplassen are the largest interconnected water sports area in the Netherlands where you can have a wonderful time both on and off the water. But there are many more lakes, streams, fens and swimming pools where you can enjoy yourself on or near the water. Water fun for the real water rats, but also a place where the epicurean can completely relax.

Women reading a magazine by the water at Fun Beach

Out and about with the kids

Looking for fun activities to do with the kids? Then Limburg is the place to be. There is plenty to do and experience when the sun is shining, but also when there is poor weather. Swimming in a subtropical swimming pool, indoor fishing, GPS tours, gaming, climbing and clambering in a forest and much more. Check out some great tips for a day out with the kids, both outdoors and indoors!

Jumping on the trampoline at camping de Leistert

A cultural day out

Whoever says that educational trips are boring, has clearly not been to the Heart of Limburg. Here you will find many cultural activities that are not only fun, but also very educational. Be shaken up as if you were experiencing the earthquake of 1992, travel along with old steam locomotives, steer an inland barge in a simulator or become a digital archaeologist and see what has been excavated in Limburg. Informative, interesting and above all fun!

The Million Line Steam Train

Abroad nearby

As soon as you drive through the heart of Limburg, it already feels a bit like being abroad. But do you know what really feels like abroad? Abroad itself! And that is just around the corner here. Take a road trip to Burgundy Belgium or visit the typical German towns of Brüggen, Wassenberg and Wegberg. This is where you can really see how diverse our region is!

A signboard from a wine cellar in the German town of Wassenberg

Out and about with a group

You know what else is fun to do on a summer's day? Going out with a group. Plan a day full of hilarious group activities. Take a tour with the Tuk Tuk, play Indoor Curling or compete in one of the many other activities you can do with a group. End the day with a fully catered BBQ and a few drinks.

Driving an E-chopper with a group of friends

Beautiful routes along the junctions

The summer is the perfect season for going out by bike or on foot. In Limburg, there is an extensive system of junctions that makes your walking and cycling trip a lot easier. You can plan your own route, but you can also use ready-made cycling and walking routes that we have put together for you. Routes along the most beautiful places that Limburg has to offer.

Bicycles in a rack at an outdoor café