Cycling routes in Thorn

Thanks to the extensive network of cycling junctions, there are very nice cycling routes in Thorn. You can easily find your way in and around the white town and no spot remains undiscovered. Look below for the most beautiful cycle routes in Thorn.

Route 63 km

Hiking in Thorn

Not only is Thorn an excellent place for cycling, keen hikers will also have a great time here. Numerous hiking routes, marked by the junctions, take you along the most beautiful spots in Thorn and the Maasgouw municipality. Stroll through the beautiful countryside, along the Maasplassen and finally stop in the centre of Thorn for a delicious, refreshing drink.

Route network in the Municipality of Maasgouw

Via the various junction systems, you can enjoy cycling and hiking in the municipality of Maasgouw. There are plenty of routes criss-crossing the municipality. For example, there are various car routes and motorbike routes available that pass through Maasgouw. The forests are great for mountain biking and there are also various opportunities for horse-riding enthusiasts to ride a bridlepath in the municipality of Maasgouw.