Nature in Limburg

Nature in Limburg 

Limburg: a green region

The nature in Limburg is very diverse. It ranges from the charming green spaces between villages to pretty wildlife sanctuaries, protected landscapes, nature reserves and extensive Nature Parks rich in flora and fauna. All of them have one thing in common: they are places you can completely relax. 

Two National Parks

A special feature is the two National Parks, the Meinweg (whose symbol is the adder) and the Groote Peel, each of which has a specific ecological system.

Cross-border nature

Nature has no respect for national boundaries. Explore the border park, Kempen~Broek that stretches from Weert to Belgium on both sides of the border. The area of natural beauty, Maas Swalm Nette between Roermond and Beesel connects the Netherlands with Germany. Discover untamed river landscapes in the heart of Belgian and Dutch Limburg at Rivierpark Maasvallei, or around the Maasplassen

Enjoy nature

The larger areas of natural beauty have visitors’ centres where you can find more information. Plan your own walking route, cycle route or horseback ride using the network of numbered intersections.