Nature in Limburg

Nature in Limburg 

Nature in Limburg

Limburg has a heart for nature. Where forests alternate with heathland. Where unique flora and fauna connect villages. This is the greenest region in the world where you become one with nature.

Cross-border nature

Nature knows no borders. The Kempen~Broek Border Park stretches from Weert to Belgium on both sides of the border. The Maas Swalm Nette nature reserve connects the Netherlands with Germany from Roermond and Beesel. Discover the nature around the river Maas in Limburg in Rivierpark Maasvallei


National Parks

There are three National Parks in Limburg: de Meinweg, de Groote Peel and de Maasduinen. The parks have special characteristics. De Meinweg, for example, is the only area in Limburg where the adder occurs. And the Groote Peel is known for its many bird species and special history of peat extraction.

Plan your own walking, cycling or riding route using the junctions.