The Maasplassen in Limburg

The Maasplassen: the largest water sports area 

The Maasplassen is one of the many pearls of Limburg. The Maasplassen is a vast, contiguous network of large and small lakes, created by gravel excavation. With a heart for water sports and a surface area of more than 3,000 hectares, it is the largest interconnected water sports area in the Netherlands.

Water sports paradise

On the Maasplassen, you can swim, surf, sail, dive, row, canoe and kayak. You can also choose one of the more extreme water sports such as water skiing and wakeboarding. In the summer months, the beautiful day beaches are a must. 

Round trip over the Maas lakes

To get a good impression of the size and beauty of the Maas and Maasplassen, a trip on a tour boat is an absolute must. 

Sail your own boat or rent one

The Maasplassen are perfect to explore by sailing boat, yacht or sloop. Beautiful waterways take you from one lake to another.  Don't have your own boat? Rent one!  There are plenty of marinas where you can moor. 

Nude recreation

Isabellagriend is a scenic area where nude recreation is permitted. The area can be reached over land or by boat. There are no facilities provided at the site.

Nautical charts and information about the Maasplassen

Nautical charts, nautical almanacs, the Maasplassen magazine (NL) published by the Tourist Information Office (VVV) for Nort- and Central Limburg and information about activities on and around the Maasplassen are available from Tourist Information Offices in North- and Central Limburg.

Sailing map of the Maasplassen

The Maasplassen Sailing Map is a handy online tool with relevant information for a day's sailing.