Overnight in Limburg

Whether you come to North- and Central Limburg on your own, as a couple or complete family, and want to spend one night or longer, you will find plenty of choice. You can spend the night in the city, or in the peace of the countryside or even on the rippling water. In a simple overnight accommodation or a luxurious night in a resort or castle. The choice is yours.

Accommodation in all price classes

North- and Central Limburg offers a wide range of places to stay the night at various prices. A place for any occasion can always be found. If you want something special choose a castle, a former prison, a house on the water or a gypsy caravan!

Hospitable North- and Central Limburg

Hospitality has a capital ‘H’ in North- and Central Limburg. Come and enjoy sleeping and waking up in the Limburg countryside.

Germany and Belgium close by

A unique feature of North- and Central Limburg is that Germany and Belgium are only a stone’s throw away. You can drink a Belgian beer and eat German ‘Kuchen’ during your stay. Leave in the morning for a cross-border walk, bicycle ride, car journey or motorbike ride, cross the border with Belgium or Germany and then return to sleep in Central Limburg again.