Meetings in Limburg

The meeting can begin as cups of coffee are standing on the table in the meeting location in Weert

Inspiring surroundings for meetings

From conference and presentation to training and workshop; Hart van Limburg is an excellent place for business tourism. When it comes to meetings and business conferences, the province of Limburg is an attractive area. So it's not surprising that the business world increasingly chooses a location in Limburg for meetings, training and inspiration sessions. After all, good ideas come up more often in inspiring, natural and peaceful surroundings; the basis for a successful meeting. Companies come here for meetings such as board and management meetings, teambuilding, training, brainstorming and creative sessions, presentations, conferences, anniversaries and special celebrations.

Meeting venues

Limburg is equipped with numerous excellent meeting venues, ranging from a small room in the back of a café to large and luxurious accommodations including extensive catering. Or on the water, on a canal boat. There is a suitable facility for every group. The vast majority of meeting venues in Limburg are also equipped with state-of-the-art communication equipment and multimedia facilities.

Meeting venues in Limburg

Group is having a business meeting at Beachclub Degreez

Teambuilding and group activities

Combine business with pleasure and take your colleagues on a group activity. There are several companies in Limburg offering activities suitable for groups. Ideal for teambuilding! From active activities like SUP boarding and highland games to more educational trips in museums. Check out the possibilities here! 

Teambuilding and group activities

After the meetings, it's time for teambuilding on the e-choppers from Maashof Venlo


You can come to Limburg either by public transport or by car. Don't worry about parking facilities, there are more than enough of them. In most cities you to pay to park your car, but there are also places where you can park temporarily with a blue disc.

Parking facilities in Limburg

Woman drives into the car park on her way to a business meeting