City walk: Beleef het Maasdal

Beleef het Maasdal:
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Length: 10.9 km. On the city walk 'beleef het Maasdal', you will enjoy the simplicity and small-scale activity in an age-old area!

The Maas valley in Baarlo-Oyen is a special area in the forelands on the left bank of the river Maas. There is still a lot of history to be seen in this area. In the north of the Maasdal lies castle de Berckt with castle farm d' Ouffenhoff, in the middle of the area is a weir in the Maas and in the south the hamlet of Oyen with Huis Oyen, a centuries-old castle farm. 

The logo for this area shows the ferry that connects the Maas valley with the monastery village of Steyl on the other side of the Maas. This crossing is not new; it has existed since the 14th century, making it an important icon for the area. The street name Vergelt could easily have been derived from 'ferry money', or from 'verger', French for orchard, also very recognisable in the Meuse valley!

Today, the Meuse valley is a busy area where people live, work and enjoy themselves in beautiful surroundings against the backdrop of the Meuse. There is plenty to experience in the Meuse valley and the happiness often lies in discovering the authentic, pure and small-scale initiatives of the inhabitants: small (farm) shops and unmanned sales points with their own vegetables, strawberries, honey or juices, charming catering establishments and beautiful spots to enjoy the surroundings. Enjoy the route, the surroundings, the friendly locals, the beautiful recreational addresses and the delicious and honest products that are made here thanks to the fertile river bottom!

Route: 10-20 km.
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